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What Are Some Of The Best Offline Android Games?

From playing games on gaming consoles to playing games on mobile phones, technology has come a long way.  Android has been found to be one of the best platforms when it comes to gaming. There are innumerous games available online. You can play with friends or even with strangers just like pkv games, the online gambling games. We play games usually to take a break.  Quite often we face network issues which disturb the ongoing game.

How could you play without any interruption? The answer to your question is – offline games. Here is a list of the best offline android games that we have for you to check them out.

  • Runner: Alto’s Odyssey

In the beginning you might find it to be an endless running game similar to the other running games. Give it a chance and play a little more and we guarantee you that you will be addicted. The entertaining graphics and the music are sure to keep you hooked to the game. You will have to slide down sand dunes, jump and collects points on the way, avoid tripping down the obstacles. You can even perform back flips and double back flips to add bonus points.

  • Puzzle: Mazes And More

Solving a maze can be both tricky and amusing at the same time. Mazes and more will let you play the classic game of maze along with some fun twist and turns. For example, you can play in “Darkness” mode. You will have lights and clear visibility in the beginning but when you are deep into the maze the whole set up goes dark. All you have is a spotlight on you and you have to find your way through.

  • Platform: Once upon A Tower

This fun game is about a princess fighting for herself with a sledgehammer in order to escape a dragon. Instead of climbing up the tower to escape she has to dig down. The princess has to battle monsters, escape sudden traps, etc. on her way to escape. All of these have to be very quick or the dragon can destroy all of her progress with its fiery breath.