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The Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist

Planning the perfect kid’s birthday party is intimidating, but do not feel you have to be a professional party planner to have a great kid’s birthday party.

With a little imagination and some helpful birthday party ideas from your child, you will create the best birthday bash in town. Casino party companies in San Antonio, TX may sound interesting, but your kid’s birthday party can be more fun with these simple and yet amazing party checklist.

This checklist helped me through years of birthday parties for my four children:

Choose the Day to Have the Birthday Party

Pick a day when most of your child’s friends will be available. This is important because your son or daughter will be very upset if the invited guests cannot make it to the party.

Set a Time for the Birthday

The time of the party depends upon the age of the child. If you are hosting toddlers, work around naptimes. You don’t want a room full of fussy preschool kids.

Choose the Number of Birthday Guests

Only invite the number of guests you feel you can handle because kid’s parties get out of control quickly if you are trying to supervise too many kids.

Decide on a Birthday Party Theme for Kids

Choose a kid’s birthday theme that your child is interested in, such as: a favorite book or TV character, sports, animals, butterflies, cowboys, etc. Ask your child for ideas also.

Send the Birthday Party Invitations

Make your own invitations if you have the time using the birthday theme you chose as a guide. Ready-made invitations are available for every kind of party at a party store. You can add your own personal birthday party invitation wording and be sure to send the invitations at least 6 weeks ahead of time.

Make or Buy Your Birthday Party Decorations

Make or purchase the decorations using the birthday party theme. Remember to get a tablecloth, napkins, plates, cups, streamers, a party banner, balloons and plastic ware. The decorations set the atmosphere of the kid’s party theme.

Decide on the Kid’s Birthday Cake

Decorating a birthday is simple with the ready made cake pans available in party stores. They come in every theme imaginable and have detailed instructions for decorating the cake. The results are very professional looking.

Kid’s Birthday Party Activities

Plan a few kid’s birthday party games, songs, crafts and a piñata to keep the children involved in the party, making sure everyone gets a turn. Participate in the activities with the kids. They love the attention of adults.

Prepare Birthday Party Favors

As the party draws to a close, give each child a party favor bag filled with items that follow the birthday party theme: stickers, bubbles, yo-yos, curly straws, miniature figures, beanbag toys and candies. Children look forward to receiving their own gift and it is a way to thank the kids for coming to your child’s birthday party.

Write Thank-You Notes with Your Kids

Within a few days after the birthday party, talk to your child about the wonderful time everyone had at the party. Remind your child of the presents received from each guest and talk about thanking the guests in a special way. Encourage your child to help write out the thank-you notes and personalize them with stickers or stamps.

Planning a kid’s birthday party is east if you follow the checklist and give yourself enough time for organizing the details of the party. Use your imagination and enjoy the party!