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Survey Of Online Gambling Software Microgaming- What does the survey contain?

The invention of the first online casino has become possible thanks to the effots of two companies. One of such companies was Microgaming, which is still a leader in software development for online casino games. The company was founded in 1994 and since that time it has been developing really fast. Today it powers more than 120 gambling sites and almost 40 poker rooms and offer awsome games with amazing features. It is trusted by gamblers from all over the world, as online gambling software Microgaming is considered to be the most safe and secure in comparison with its competitors.

If you want to know about the safety and security at online site, then you need to compare the fun88 with the land-based casinos. It will allow you to pick the correct site for the playing of the games. The collection of the information about them is necessary so that the winning experience is available.

Casino games from Microgaming are favourite ones for many players, as this company managed to introduce convenient interface, thanks to invention of Viper software. It allows to adjust settings according to the preferences of a player. Moreover, this company may boast with casino games of an excellent graphic and sound quality. And in fact, every month it issues almost four games, what is a record number. Casinos from this online gambling software provider offer to gamblers an incredibly big variety of slot machines, what can be met nowhere else. Progressive slot machines from Microgaming are also the best ones, as they present the hugest jackpots, and even there was a case that a player won more than a million dollars. It has become possible thanks to unique development of networking system. It allows thousands gamblers to connect with each other playing slots or poker. Sounds really nice, doesn’t it?

One more famous feature of Microgaming company is the development of Mobile Gaming to host GameWire. This company is an unquestionable leader in this sphere, as it give an opportunity to play casino games through the cell phones of such manufacturers as Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samsung and Siemens. Mobile gaming is becoming today extremely popular, as it is really awesome to play casino games somewhere in a bus or during the traffic jams.

But perhaps the main specific feature of Microgaming software for online casinos is its system of security. In fact, it was the reason of such popularity, as safety is the concern number one for thousand of players, who don’t want to be tricked out of money by frauds and hackers. The aim of Microgaming is to provide fair and responsible online gambling. That’s why in 1997 it founded the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC), a non-profit organization, which has become a kind of a forum for all online casino operators. Today it possible to discuss and solve all arising problems and challenges, concerning casino games there.

Moreover, Microgaming was a co-founder of eGOGRA, which stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. Today it is an international organization and a major regulating body in the industry of online gambling. It examines the casinos and the standards of safety and security. Microgaming software developer also issued Credibility Technologies, what allows to look through the reports of money transactions, history of gambling and so on.

The only drawback is that this company blocked the access to the U.S. gamblers in 2008 because of the pecularities of the legislative systme in this country. In fact, the law UIGEA made impossible to conduct money transfers between the clients and online casinos, so it had to leave the market.

So in general, Microgaming is the biggest and the most powerful software devloper for today, offering not only the best games with the biggest jackpots, but also the highest standarts of safety and security.