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Poker Discipline Knowing When To Stop

Poker Discipline: Knowing When to Stop Poker is very challenging, exciting and is thus addictive. Novices get drawn into its clutches and they find it hard to get out. They want to make poker their source of income. What could be more ideal than playing your fill of poker while earning money to pay the bills? Ironically though, when you can’t control your urges to play poker, you will never make a successful career out of it. If you are playing poker to earn a living, you need to have a goal. You will have to reach a certain amount of money in a month. Therefore, how much should you win in one week? How much should you win every day? After finding out the answers to these pertinent questions, then you have to have the discipline to bring about your target. This discipline is exemplified by knowing when to stop. Knowing When to Stop, When Losing Addicted poker players do not know when to stop. This is the main reason why compulsive poker players do not make money.

Compulsive gamblers continue playing even after their bankroll has been considerably diminished. They play on and on in the hope that the next hand will bring more luck. They transfer from table to table in the hope that the other players will be easier to beat. If you are going to become an effective poker player, you have to know when to stop. This is easily done by determining how much money you are comfortable with losing at a certain game or day. You need to consider your financial state in deciding a set amount. When you go to the casino to play, bear this limit in mind and have the required discipline to stick to it. Internet Casino is a place where rule can’t be changed and have to be followed. Do not be tempted to continue playing in the hope of your luck changing. Be consistent. It is better to stop when you are still within your loss limit, than feel miserable afterwards when you have lost more money than what you can afford. Knowing When to Stop, When Winning Disciplined and successful poker players also have a win limit. This winning limit is something that you set arbitrarily. This is the amount that you aim to win in a poker game.

After you have won the amount, even if you have been playing for only twenty minutes, you must honor your own win limit and leave the table, leave the poker room and do something else. You may protest that a win limit is not necessary. Apparently it is foolhardy to leave when you are on a winning streak. This is not true, however. Setting a win limit is necessary. First, it reinforces your sense of discipline. When you follow your win limit every time you play poker, it will make it easier for you to stop playing when you’re losing. It is a reaffirming circle and following your win limit helps you become a more disciplined poker player. Second, you need to set a win limit because you don’t want to lose it on the next hand. Once you’ve reached your win limit, consider yourself lucky to have won such an amount and do not tempt lady luck to take it away again.


When gambling was done offline, powerful people used to change the rules according to their convenience and there too lower grade people used to suffer and make less money. This can never happen on the online mode because there no one knows who ahs power or not, they are just participants playing at their own risk.