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Rock Band: How to Rock Out a Party

You could be at a party, or just sitting back with a couple of friends with an 18 pack. You turn on the PS3, wanting to play a video game. Since there’s a lot of people, you want to play something multi-player so no once gets left out. You’ve got a few of the must-have titles for the PS3, and since drinking and music go hand and hand you pop in Rock band for the PS3. You can play up to four players, and it has a library of newer songs and classic songs a like. It’s definitely a good PS3 game, and it can actually change the dynamic of the party, assuming you have a stereo for the PS3 to play on. The basic idea of the game is to match your color on your instrument or match the basic pitch of the music with the microphone. It seems a little complicated for drunk people, agreed, but the fun you could have playing Rock band is ridiculous. Who doesn’t love music more when they’re drunk? And on top of that, you can actually play instruments to simulate that you’re creating something more. The PS3 game’s instruments are extremely fun, the guitar similar to the phenomenon that Guitar Hero created.

A rock band party is a once in a blue moon opportunity and has to be enjoyed to the heart’s content and forget about all the worldly worries in life for the time being and savor each and every moment of it so that nothing more is left to be achieved other than a sense of deep bliss, something that even judi poker online cannot give.

The guitar is the essential rock star instrument. On the PS3 version of Rock band, there are five buttons color coded on the fretboard of the guitar. There are also the same colors near the base of the guitar, these buttons act as the bass strings. When you have the guitar in your hands and had a few, it’s hard not to just rock out like you were Eddie Van Halen. But you must abstain on PS3’s Rock band because it definitely is hard plastic, and it will shatter if you slam it on the ground. This is hardly a concert, and although a Rock band guitar on eBay is only 15 dollars, it’s not the best idea to send shrapnel into the audience. It is not the best idea when you want to play the Rock band music game. It would be a good idea to set the difficulty level for the PS3 game to easy or medium, as anything harder would be just setting yourself up for failure in most cases. Rock band guitar is complicated with it’s multiple button presses after a few, but it does not in any way match up to the complexity of the drums, a Rockband innovation.

The drums are easily the most complex of the PS3’s Rock band games. What person doesn’t like to beat on pads to Aerosmith’s music? Like a regular drum set, you’re dealing with snare, hi-hat, tom, crash, and a bass pedal. Since this involves ridiculous amounts of hand-eye coordination, it’s probably the best idea that you set this on the easiest setting. I have found that if you’ll stand a lot better chance if you can just get into the music, and let the play flow naturally. This will not land you a five-star song, but it may keep you around long enough so when you do fail your portion on the Rock band song, your friend will be able to save you. And be careful, if a single instrument fails the Rock band song three times, the music stops and it’s back to square one. Another obvious downside to Rock band and it’s instruments is that the drums and guitar require two hands. With Rock band, you can also grab the microphone and rock out with one hand still attached to your red Dixie cup.

The PS3 microphone for Rock band is for the karaoke lover. It’s very true to the art, providing lyrics as you sing along with a bar that monitor’s pitch. Don’t be alarmed, even at high levels it is possible for you to complete a Rock band song without being a multi-platinum vocalist. As long as you can get the pitch, you can pretty much just just leave a lot of the words out. Although, this won’t impress the girl or guy in the corner, you can keep your Rockband team jamming along to the music. One of the obvious dangers of using the microphone and Rock band is that you may feel the music a bit too much, and trip over the cord. It actually happens, so watch out for it, seriously.

As you foray into the PS3 title Rock band game, you will find that it takes a whole new meaning to the word game. It is unlike most because you are actually recreating some of the most groundbreaking music that has ever been recorded. At first you will find that you are just murdering new and old classic songs, but as you get familiar with the music you will also find that it is a very amazing game that can be enjoyed party after party. Who knows, maybe it’ll even strike you hard enough that you want to go out and start your own revolutionary music band.

Calculating The Chance Of Getting Specific Hold’Em Hands

With the rise of Hold’em as the game of choice by far for most poker hobbyists, most people have come to rely upon different programs and charts to tell them what the chance is of being dealt specific starting hands. The problem with referring to a chart is that it doesn’t really teach you anything, and it doesn’t provide you with many skills that you can translate over to other forms of poker. So here we’re going to look at how to actually figure these things out.

In Hold’em we are dealt with two-card starting hands, and we classify those starting hands in two key ways. First, we have the difference between pocket pairs and unpaired starting hands. Second, we have suited and unsuited starting hands. These two differences in starting hands make things only slightly a little more complicated than our 1-card example above.

So first thing’s first, we need to know how many different starting hands there are. When we pick our first card, there are 52 possibilities, and when we pick our second card, there are 51 possibilities, so there are 2652 ways to be dealt two cards, but that’s not the end of it. Since we think of the hand Ace of Spades + King of Hearts as being the same thing as the hand King of Hearts + Ace of Spades, this effectively cuts our number of starting hands in half to 1326. What’s interesting to notice is that when you compare this result to our one-card starting hand example, our possible starting hands increase by a factor of 102. With that out of the way, now let’s look at some specific starting hand examples.

From our previous discussion of the combinatorics of starting hands in Hold’em, we know that there are 6 ways to be dealt pocket Aces. So what is the percent chance of being dealt pocket Aces? The answer is 6/1326, which is about 0.45%. Since the chance of being dealt pocket Aces is the same as being dealt with any other pocket pair, we now know that the chance of being dealt say pocket Fours is also 0.45%. Then the chance of being dealt any pocket pair is 13 times that result (since there are 13 pocket pairs), or about 5.88%.

From common sense, we realize that there are 4 different ways of being dealt with 76s since there are four suits. So what is the percent chance of being dealt any suited-connector from JT’s down to 54s? That comes out to be 6 different hands (JTs, 98s, 87s, 76s, 65s, 54s) times 4 different ways to be dealt with each or 24 total possible ways to be dealt with one of those suited-connectors. Since there are 1326 total starting hands, the chance of being dealt with one of those hands is 24/1326, which is about 1.81%.

Now you can figure out the chance of receiving specific groups of Hold’em starting hands, which is one of the most useful skills in creating starting hand charts and formulating early-street strategies. In order to practice all these different combinations and strategies, you should try Poker online so that you can improve these skills further and get the best results from your poker games.

Lowball Poker Tips and Hints

Lowball poker is a fashionable poker variety in the western U.S that has steadily been moving eastward, though it still hasn’t quite caught on the way it has in Vegas and certain parts of California. Maybe it just takes some getting used to playing a game of poker where the lowest hand wins. You will find a hefty following of this game by ardent players on https://koinqq.com, who regularly discuss the tricks and strategies of playing the game in forums. The lowest possible hand you can win with in lowball poker is 5-4-3-2-Ace The Ace is usually referred to as the wheel or the bicycle in honor of that little picture on the deck of the most popular cards and in lowball poker is always counted on the downlow and never as a high card. (Actually, that isn’t strictly true; there is a variation of lowball poker where the Ace is always high; yet another reason to know the rules before playing the game.) In the standard version, however, holding a pair of aces in lowball poker beats a pair of anything else, whether it is a pair of twos or a pair of kings. Of course, it is wildly vital to understand that almost no one ever actually wins a hand of lowball poker when they are holding a pair of twos. Winning a hand of lowball poker while holding a pair of kings would be a miracle so enormous that your name would spread like wildfire throughout the lowball poker community.

So how does one go about winning at lowball poker if even holding lowly pair usually means defeat? Probability is the byword, of course. And the better your understanding of how probability actually works, the better your chances of winning at this fun version of poker. All poker is about probability and the correct apprehension of variability, but in lowball poker it is even more vital to fully comprehend them. The typical poker enthusiast whose frustration level has slowly increased with the delivery of each losing hand tends to greatly miscalculate the statistical difficulties involved drawing a low hand. As an example, let’s say you drew a hand along the lines of this: 3-7-Jack-King-King. The average poker player would probably be moved to drop both those kings and draw two cards. Doing so really isn’t as smart an idea as it seems; the smart move in a game of lowball poker would be to go ahead and fold with the realization that the Jack alone is probably too high to get you a win and you just might wind up drawing another pair anyway.

When playing lowball poker, it’s worth remembering that it rarely makes sense to take the risk of drawing two cards if the high card of three you’re left holding is anything above an 8 since the statistical risk involved in drawing two cards lower than an 8 without leaving you with a pair is way too freaking huge. On the other hand, let’s say that draw a hand that is topped off with a 10. In that case, the wisest course is to stand on what you’ve drawn because should you take the risk to come up with something lower than your 10, you are merely tempting fate. If you’ve got a talent for bluffing, this is the perfect opportunity for showcasing your talent because the odds are actually better that you can trick the other players than that you will draw a lower card.

Don’t Get Outdrawn in Texas Holdem

Scenario: you have pocket aces pre-flop, you want to keep at least one player on the line so you limp in. The flop comes A, 9, 7, you got trip aces on the flop. It’s a monster, but you don’t want to scare the other player away so you check. He bets and you call. A 6 comes on forth street. You check again and the other player bets again. You call. A 2 comes on the river. You bet all in and he calls. You flip over your aces to show your three of a kind. He flips over 5 8, he made the straight on the turn. You slow played your way right out of the tournament. Think that this scenario is unlikely? Maybe this exact one is, but if you have played even a little bit you can think of at least one time that your monster hand got cracked because you got greedy, it might have even been with aces, it happens all the time. So, how do you avoid this?

First of all the key is to never let someone limp in when you have a strong starting hand. If you get callers to your raise so be it, at least you will have to draw against a potentially strong hand and not let anyone see a free flop. Letting the small blind limp in or the big blind check pre-flop can lead to heart ache. As great a starting hand as a pair of any rank is, after the flop your chances usually fall apart, to avoid this you need to bet like you are representing a high pair, even if it is 2s or 3s. Playing pkv games require attention to details and critical thinking. So if you are a type of player that aims for challenge and competition, pkv games are the best games for you.

Any two cards can win (see article of the same name) and potentially any hand can be made on the flop. True event: big blind is dealt 2 9 off-suit and is allowed to check his option. The only other player in the pot is the small blind. The flop comes A 2 9. The small blind paired his ace and the big blind made two pair; both checked. A 9 comes on the turn. The big blind has made a full house. The rest of the hand is immaterial. The end pot was small but the outcome was big. Since the big blind was able to check on a hand that would have been instantly folded with nearly any raise a monster hand was made. While slow-playing and check-raising can be a great way to trap weaker players or even a solid way to play pre-flop you need to realize that you will get cracked sooner or later if you try to play to sneakily.

Assuming that your cards will retain their strength after the flop is a sure way to show your naivety to the game as well as have one more story to tell about, “that time I had aces cracked. I hate getting pocket aces!” Usually the people that say that are the people that don’t know how to play them. Better to take the blinds than lose your stack.


How to Avoid Drama of Divorcees at Your Child’s Birthday Party

How can you have a peaceful party and still invite family and friends that are divorced or no longer seeing each other? It is easier to meet people at any average casino parties in Denver but never at a nice birthday party. Most children’s parties are venues that re-acquaint your loved ones with former spouses. Reuniting “exes” is not the object of the invite, but some “exes” feel pressure just seeing their former mate. Be prepared for one or both to turn down the invitation.

To truly avoid any drama at your child’s birthday party, invite children only. If your child is an infant or toddler this may be a problem. The primary caregiver will probably attend. Remember the party is for your child and not for the adults. Do not worry about one family member or friend being there or being “invited” without the other. You are only inviting children to your child’s birthday party.

When sending invitations to divorcees, follow up with a phone call. Give the “exes” the courtesy of knowing whether the other one is coming or not. Let them know the party is not meant to make them uncomfortable, but you would appreciate their presence for your child’s sake.

Set up at least two areas for your child’s party. You could have chairs indoors and on the porch or you could use two rooms of your house if desired. This will make the “exes” feel more secure. Let the divorced or separated couple know they would not have to sit in the same room with each other. Remind them you are not asking them to talk to each other. Let the “exes” know you want them there and they do not need to interact.

Avoid any drama from the “exes” by introducing rules when doing a follow up phone call. The list of rules should include no bickering. If you know they fight, tell them they are not allowed to talk to each other. Make sure you include “no ribbing” in your list of rules. They should not be allowed to pester one another. Be sure to remind them they will be coming to celebrate the child’s birthday. Let them know in advance if one or both of them “act up” at the party, you will ask them to leave.

Most divorcees will have gotten rid of their pettiness by the end of the divorce. If the “exes” are still being petty, be prepared to ask them to leave. This is your child’s birthday party and you are in charge. If you do not want drama, you may want to make it a child’s only party, or just a few friends. You could hold two parties if you would like everyone included. Invite one “ex” at a time and the child will not only have a peaceful party, but also two fun parties with their family.

Is Video Games Beneficial or Disadvantage at online websites?

Video games happen to be loved for quite some time since the early days. Space Invaders as well as Pac-Man. Young children, young people as well as grownups likewise all enjoy playing video games as well as perhaps for those who really don’t enjoy these people, they will even now

learn of them! However perhaps you have pondered with regards to whether video games are usually bad for us or maybe excellent for us? Why don’t we take a look at the cause and the reason the majority of us enjoy video games in the first place. Before offering the games to people, the verification account should check the quality of the games. They should not cause any adverse effect on the eyes of the person.

“We enjoy Video games For Our Own Amusement. “

The favorable aspect of this is which providing they will continue making interesting, pleasurable video games, men as well as women won’t ever grow to be bored to death providing they will continue purchasing different video games or maybe can certainly even now find enjoyment in playing the old classics over and over. Men and women purchasing brand-new video games continuously is fantastic with the computer game business in addition.

Nevertheless the detrimental aspect is which when you grow to be bored to death together with one particular video game you may possibly have in order to venture out and purchase a different one in order to amuse yourself, which usually may become costly as time passes, determined by just how very difficult an individual are usually to satisfy. Soon after buying a brand-new video game a few times whenever you’ve happen to be bored to death it could obviously turned out to be any practice or maybe “urge” in order to generally wish in order to obtain or maybe try any brand-new computer game when you grow to be bored to death. At this specific stage an individual learn you might have an addiction!

“Video Video games are usually fantastic for When we possess Gatherings.”

The Benefit of having video games all-around at a party is which the idea may keep your friends entertained as well as ceases these people through turning out in order to be bored to death. Ever previously if they are certainly not playing, at the very least the idea may give them anything to watch or maybe talk about. Video games can be a interesting group activity which enable the idea to furthermore support start conversation or maybe liven up any dull atmosphere.

The Downside of having video games at a party is which the idea may encourage friends in order to hide away from most people else, or maybe motivate anti-social actions. Men as well as women may dispute about exactly who gets to enjoy next, or maybe exactly who gets to become gamer one particular etc. As childish as this might seem it could be adequate in order to mess up a great party if stuff get out of control, especially if alcohol is involved.

“Video Video games certainly are usually a Way of Socializing.”

Numerous free games are usually highly based all-around working to become a group to accomplish a goal. These sorts of video games demand gamers in order to communicate with one another sometimes via any keyboard, or maybe microphone to accomplish the best possible teamwork. Although this tends to educate men as well as women teams abilities it can furthermore become a very taking advantage of public activity as well as men as well as women can make brand-new friends, or maybe meet brand-new men as well as women through across the world.

On the other hand various video games don’t possess a really powerful focus on communication as well as teamwork. If the video games is a obstacle and is addictive, gamers may segregate themselves from other usual day to day life as well as grow to be submerged in their particular new-found hobby. Team work skills may furthermore minimize because of this as well as become swapped out by a “One-Man Army” or maybe “Lone-Wolf” approach to stuff, mainly involving males.

Coach’s Clipboard: Keeping Your Kids Active and Interested in Sports

There are many great benefits to your children playing sports from developing an active healthy lifestyle to building teamwork and competitiveness. However, taking the wrong approach or getting them started to late can have a negative effect on their willingness to participate. Here are a few ideas to try and foster a love for a sport and a desire to keep playing season after season.

Start Early

It’s best to get your kids involved in sports at an early age. The season are usually shorter, costs of equipment and registration are lower, and it helps develop the skills and learn the concepts for later on. Also, it allows for your child to realize what sports they enjoy. Take a look at what your local community offers and what leagues are available. Find out what ages you can sign your child up at and ask them what they would like to try. Then you can narrow it from there, some seasons do conflict so you may need to find out the game and practice schedules to see how they may overlap.

Reward Successes Or Achievements

When new to a sport, your son or daughter doesn’t need to show up to their first day of practice looking like they play in the majors. Provide them with what they need to play the game. When you see their interest spark you can then keep the fire going with other items later on or work out a rewards incentive (try to base it on their performance not the teams). You don’t want to invest to much into an activity that you learn later on your child doesn’t like. However, by waiting and seeing what position and activities they enjoy you can then tailor your incentives towards it. An example is if part way through the season you offer to pick them up a new equipment bag to carry their glove and bat in because they have been doing so good as a first baseman.

Help During Practice

If you know a little about the sport your child is playing, see if the coach would like help during practices. I loved when parents participated in practices for my teams. I would let the team scrimmage the parents towards the end of practice and one parent had coached previously and I was able to learn some new drills for the team. Even if you can’t provide any training assistance you can help by organizing a snack roster or scoring the games. Your participation helps influence your child’s participation and they see that your interested in what they are doing.

Send Them To Camp

Not only do kids learn allot at some of these camps but they usually have a great time doing it. My kids did a British soccer camp during the summer and came home happy and exhausted every day. They played games but also focused on skill development and teamwork. After the camp was over they received a report card on their improvements and goals to work towards. Many of your local colleges will offer camps on a variety of sports throughout the year to help support the students. Also, look for locally sponsored private camps that your local league or city sponsors. These experiences help the child improve and develop their love for the sport.

Be There

It’s hard to catch every game depending on your work schedule and the sport, but if you don’t focus on watching then allot of times your child will not focus on playing. But avoid being a side line coach or being negative, this can shift your child’s attention away from the game and on to you. I watched a youth basketball game where a girl’s mother sitting in the bleachers near the other teams basket was yelling things to her daughter who then started focusing on her mother and the opposing team was able to keep scoring on her. If you begin embarrassing your child they’re not going to want to play, but if you show that you want to see them play they’ll try their hardest.

Have Fun In Your Spare Time

Take advantage of a nice day to play catch or pitch some balls. You don’t necessarily have to focus on that current season, running a few football passing patterns during the spring or fielding some grounders in the fall can help break off some of the rust between regular season. Also, it allows your child to see that you enjoy what they do also.

The most important thing to remember is to let them have fun. If they don’t enjoy the sport, they’re not going to keep playing it.

A strict word of advice before signing off, never force your kids into anything, especially sports, if they are not interested in it as it requires tremendous amount of courage, focus, determination, dedication and commitment and is no 안전놀이터 for anyone as many have found out to their cost and ended up repenting when it is too late.

Guidance About Bending It Like Beckham Since ’93

18 years, five teams, six coaches, 11 trophies, the best teammates a girl could ask for, countless bruises and scrapes later, and I still remember my first goal like it was yesterday. I was 5 years old when I was first asked to play on a soccer team. It was a sunny day after a Brownie’s meeting and my best friend came up to me and asked, “Want to play on my soccer team?” At 5 years old, I knew this girl was very different than me. I was shy, timid, sweet and unsure of my athletic ability. She was loud, proud, and got what she wanted. I knew the second the question left her lips that it was a lost cause as I was going to be on the team because that is what she wanted. Eighteen years later, and I am glad she asked and basically forced me to accept. The United States is the only country in the world that uses the word “soccer” when talking about the sport of soccer. The country’s love or lack there of, for the beautiful game, never held back my own. The first day I stepped out on that 15 x 25 field, I was hooked and have been playing ever since.

Thankfully, throughout the years my skill level has increased tremendously (at least in my right foot) and some would even describe me as “talented”. However, that was not the case when I first started. Our team was the Ice Pirates, a team name I still don’t understand. Our coach was my best friend’s mom and I was the smallest girl out of the field. Luckily, I had the coach in my back pocket, she was like my second mom and she believed that my shy demeanor was just phase. She taught me the beauty of aggression, even when it was illegal. Running down the field together she showed me how to secretly tug on the other girl’s jersey in order to slow her down and get inside her head. Competitiveness came naturally to me, the skill did not.

On my best day, best leg, and with all the umpf my slim body had, I could maybe kick the ball a foot in front of me. A very unfortunate ability given the strategy of a 5 year old soccer team; everyone go to the ball like a swarm of bees. Youth soccer is more like a live version of a pinball game rather than a well-thought out, almost poetic game of soccer. I was not good, and worst of all, everyone knew it. I would try my hardest each and everyday but did not add much stock to my team; my team, who were actually very good. For the first four years together, we went undefeated, a fact I am still very proud of! I however, did not contribute to most of that record. It was not until the mid-second season, that the smallest Ice Pirate with the longest hair (a braid down the middle of my back, a characteristic I am still recognized for, “oh, you’re the girl that had the really long hair?!”) got her first goal, a day I will never forget.

I generally played “defense”. I use the term loosely, because again, there really aren’t any positions in youth soccer. It was a summer day in central Ohio, when my coach called me over during a game where we were winning 7 to 1. “Hilary, I’m moving you up front. Just stay up by their goal and I’m not letting you out until you get a goal. You can do it!” I had my mission, and although I was shy, I was not one who liked to disappoint. I was ready to get my first goal. I ran around like crazy, getting a foot on every ball I could, but still no luck. During halftime, my coach made the announcement to the team, “we are getting Hilary a goal today”. My team, my protectors, my friends, my sisters, they were behind me 100%. The entire second half was the Hilary Waugh show. Not a concept I was super comfortable with, but I had the belief of my coach and teammates and I wasn’t going to let them down. Every chance they got, the ball was kicked my direction and it wasn’t until the goalie was out of her box that I was basically able to dribble the ball right into the goal. It was the ugliest goal a person could imagine and yet it was my proudest moment. As soon as that ball crossed the line, I turned around, teeth showing, arms up, only to be greeted and congratulated by my fellow teammates! I looked over to the sidelines to find my coach yelling, clapping and jumping around for joy. “Oo, ah, Hilary” was coming from the parents, a cheer designed just for me by a friend’s dad (it was in reference to a soccer player way before my time, but I still loved to hear it). That was the best goal I ever had.

I am still a pretty shy, laid-back person and without a doubt that was the biggest celebration I have ever been apart of for one of my own goals. For the rest of my career, it’s been a shot pass the goalie, ball in the back of the net, a few high fives from my fellow teammates and a jog back to my side of the field. My lack of celebration shouldn’t be mistaken for arrogance or lack of enthusiasm, but just a girl who loves the sport of soccer ever since she was a small girl and shows it the best way she knows how; in her effort and heart she leaves out of the field every game. I’ve had a lot of goals since that the first one, but none stick in my mind as well as that one. It would have been impossible without the support and love of my best friend, my first coach, and my teammates. There is no “I’ in team, and the same goes for “goal”. The 먹튀검 is the gaming verification website that provides help in the selection of the best website. The safety of the transaction should be the prime duty of the gaming websites.

How To Play Doom On Wii For Free

The classic arcade PC shooter “Doom” has been released on numerous systems, but the new Wii adaptation gives players the freedom and simulation of actually being in the game.

All the graphics, sound effects and levels have been ported from the PC version and is available as a free download on the Wii Homebrew Channel.

Follow these instructions to download, install and play “Wii Doom” for free.

Homebrew Set-Up

You need to have the user-created “Homebrew Channel” installed on your Nintendo Wii to get access to the game. Installation of the “Homebrew Channel” is a simple process, with full guides available from WiiBrew.org.

Go to WiiBrew, select the Homebrew Channel page and then find your Wii system menu to read the installation instructions. Use a supported SD card to upload the files and properly install the “Homebrew Channel.”

Homebrew Browser

Most installed versions of the “Homebrew Channel” come with the “Homebrew Browser” but if yours does not, you need to download it and install it.

Find the official “Homebrew Browser” from HERE. Save the folder in the “Apps” folder of your Wii SD card. Insert the card back into your Wii and restart the Wii console.

Load the “Homebrew channel” from the main Wii console menu. Point the Wii remote at the “Start” and press “A.” The channel will automatically load all the apps from the SD card.

Look for the “Homebrew Browser” logo and select it with the Wii remote. Select the “Proceed” icon and wait for the browser to load. During this time, the screen will flash black a few times, an all-text loading screen will appear and small dots will indicate the loading time.

The tabbed “Homebrew Browser” will appear on the screen. Point and select the “Games” tab. On the side of screen, select the “Popularity” tab so that the most popular games load first.

Downloading Wii Doom

Scroll down until you see the “Wii Doom” logo. It should be within the first 10 or 20 game options. Point at “Wii Doom” and press “A” on the Wii remote.

Look for the red “Download” icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on this icon. A small progress bar will appear in its place. Wait until the download completes and a green check mark appears from Daftar Slot Online which will indicate you the ongoing performance of content downloading speed and buffer latency rate.

Press the “Home” button on the Wii remote and choose “Return to Homebrew Channel.” Wait for the “Homebrew Channel” to load again. The ‘Wii Doom” icon will appear on the list of applications. Point and press “A” on this icon to load the game.


Use the Wii remote on its own, a Gamecube controller, or a Wii remote and Nunchuk combination. Press the “Plus” icon to select your controller configuration.

Six Man, Texas: A Scathing Account of the Plight of Small Towns, Small Schools, and Six Man Football in the State of Texas

I was recently invited to view the rough-cut screening of Six Man, Texas, an as yet to be released documentary about small towns, small schools, and six man football in the state of Texas, directed by Alan Barber. Going in, I knew nothing about the film, and less than nothing about six man football. The movie’s sort of Hands on a Hard Body meets Friday Night Lights. Six man football is like regular football, except that instead of eleven players playing offense and defense, there are only six. It’s also played on a smaller field, in addition to some other minor rules variations. It really is a different kind of game, though, and as much as I love regular, eleven player football, I have to admit the six man game is mighty exciting to watch. One person compared it to basketball, as in, it’s like basketball on a football field, and I have to agree. It’s a faster paced game than eleven man football, with the offenses flowing with the fluidity of a fast break in basketball, up and down the football field. It’s as entertaining, hard-nosed, and pure a game as any you’re likely to see, and deserves a more prominent place in the world of athletics than it currently holds, and more publicity than it’s currently being given.

Six man football is primarily played by small schools in small towns, whose athletic programs and/or student bodies cannot adequately support eleven man football. I think, in the film it was said that there have to be less than 99.5 students enrolled in grades nine through twelve for a school to be eligible to play, but don’t hold me to that. The plight of the small town and small school in Texas play a very prominent role in Six Man, Texas. A good chunk of the film is devoted to stories about how both are dying out, how the schools are the hearts of these towns, and when they’re consolidated, it’s, basically, a death sentence for these small communities, and their way of life. And how these small towns with their small schools go, so goes the game of six man football, which is based in these communities.

One of those communities is Aquilla, Texas, and the season of their 2000 six man football team is followed in intimate detail, and, ultimately, forms the heart of this film. That Aquilla team and the season they have is a microcosm of what this film, small towns, and small schools are all about, and why they should continue to be given a chance to blossom. The players on Aquilla’s 2000 team appear to be tight-knit, supportive of one another on and off the field, hardworking, and, most importantly, just flat-out good kids. And they are the best part of Six Man, Texas, the best little six man football film in Texas, a well played documentary that just like the game it observes, deserves to be seen and praised by a wide audience.

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