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How To Play Doom On Wii For Free

The classic arcade PC shooter “Doom” has been released on numerous systems, but the new Wii adaptation gives players the freedom and simulation of actually being in the game.

All the graphics, sound effects and levels have been ported from the PC version and is available as a free download on the Wii Homebrew Channel.

Follow these instructions to download, install and play “Wii Doom” for free.

Homebrew Set-Up

You need to have the user-created “Homebrew Channel” installed on your Nintendo Wii to get access to the game. Installation of the “Homebrew Channel” is a simple process, with full guides available from WiiBrew.org.

Go to WiiBrew, select the Homebrew Channel page and then find your Wii system menu to read the installation instructions. Use a supported SD card to upload the files and properly install the “Homebrew Channel.”

Homebrew Browser

Most installed versions of the “Homebrew Channel” come with the “Homebrew Browser” but if yours does not, you need to download it and install it.

Find the official “Homebrew Browser” from HERE. Save the folder in the “Apps” folder of your Wii SD card. Insert the card back into your Wii and restart the Wii console.

Load the “Homebrew channel” from the main Wii console menu. Point the Wii remote at the “Start” and press “A.” The channel will automatically load all the apps from the SD card.

Look for the “Homebrew Browser” logo and select it with the Wii remote. Select the “Proceed” icon and wait for the browser to load. During this time, the screen will flash black a few times, an all-text loading screen will appear and small dots will indicate the loading time.

The tabbed “Homebrew Browser” will appear on the screen. Point and select the “Games” tab. On the side of screen, select the “Popularity” tab so that the most popular games load first.

Downloading Wii Doom

Scroll down until you see the “Wii Doom” logo. It should be within the first 10 or 20 game options. Point at “Wii Doom” and press “A” on the Wii remote.

Look for the red “Download” icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on this icon. A small progress bar will appear in its place. Wait until the download completes and a green check mark appears from Daftar Slot Online¬†which will indicate you the ongoing performance of content downloading speed and buffer latency rate.

Press the “Home” button on the Wii remote and choose “Return to Homebrew Channel.” Wait for the “Homebrew Channel” to load again. The ‘Wii Doom” icon will appear on the list of applications. Point and press “A” on this icon to load the game.


Use the Wii remote on its own, a Gamecube controller, or a Wii remote and Nunchuk combination. Press the “Plus” icon to select your controller configuration.