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How Long Does It Take To Become A Winning Poker Player

So how long does it take to start winning at online poker on pkv poker?

  • In short anywhere from one month to two years.
  • This is a tricky question to answer exactly but I’m going to try and help your understanding of the variables that go into trying to become a winning poker player.
  • What factors impact to become a winning poker player?
  • How much time you have to actually play poker.
  • How much time you spend learning the game by watching poker videos or reading poker tactics.
  • Where you get your strategy from.
  • How smart you are.
  • How fast and well you learn poker strategy.
  • What buy in level you play
  • Getting private poker coaching
  • That’s a bit vague

Now I know saying anywhere from 1 month to 2 years seems a bit vague but all of the above factors to play a huge part in how long it takes to become a winning poker player.

Let’s try and break down some of the different student types and understand the differences in variables that equate to how long in takes to become a winner in online poker.

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Perfect Student

  • Plays several hours a day, nearly every day.
  • Has hired a private poker coach.
  • Watches a poker training video every and takes a lot of notes each time.
  • Takes part in poker forums and posts hands that they struggled with as well as gives their thoughts to other players posted hands.
  • Is generally a very intelligent person that is capable of solid academic results if they so wanted.
  • The perfect student is such because their natural disposition is that of a person with a lust to learn, someone who just has to know how something works and won’t rest until they know the answer

This kind of player is often very competitive and the thought of losing at anything rarely site well with them.

The fact is that ‘the perfect student’ is not only very smart but actively put in a huge amount of work to understand all of the finer points of the game which in turn get them winning so fast. These are often the players that you see starting out in micro stake games that climb to the highest stakes in record time.

This type of player also very often has a poker coach to really speed up their learning. It’s often not too long before they know everything their poker coach does and then try to take it one step further to start to challenge the thinking of the coach. (This is great for coaches too as it forces them to keep improving)

The Solid Enthusiast

  • Plays a couple of hours a day, 4 or 5 days a week
  • Watches a poker training video every now and then but rarely takes notes.
  • Takes part in poker forums, posts the occasional hand but doesn’t go crazy.
  • Is generally a smart person and will get to where they want to go but are not as obsessive as ‘the perfect student‘.

A solid enthusiast is a player that almost certainly will become a winning poker player. These guys often have more going on in life than just poker (which isn’t a bad thing).

These guys are actively trying to get better and they try to think in a logical way about their approach to poker which in the end is what gets them to where they way to go.

You’ll often find this is the kind of player that by the time they learn how to become a winning poker player, they’ll often stay around the upper mid/ lower high stakes ($50 – $200 games) as to play higher than that requires constant work on your game to stay ahead all all of the perfect students that are coming through to settle in the high stakes area.

  • The Recreational (who still wants to be a winning player)
  • Plays only a handful of games a week.
  • Hows one or two poker books but likely old school, big name books that although are better than nothing, are far from the most cutting edge poker education currently on offer
  • Has watched some poker videos but hardly ever gets to the end of them and never takes any worth while notes.
  • Browses poker forums but doesn’t really take part although likes seeing a nice bankroll thread. May even introduce themselves in a thread.
  • Could very likely put much more brain power into their game as they tend to try and think logically about why they do what they do in certain hands.
  • These players love the idea of being better than their friends in a home poker game but don’t often put the work in to really smash the online games.

a lot of them do eventually become a winning player in online poker but very often you never see them get much beyond the mid stakes and will spend months or more often years just playing $10 – $30 games.

Now there is nothing wrong in that and becoming a winning player at all is an achievement, plus some people are happy and content just making a bit of extra cash at the lower stakes (it takes all sorts to make the world go round).

However if you feel that this last player type may describe you then do you self a favor and really take part in poker forums as that is a huge factor in improving your game also watch the free poker training videos and actually take notes of what the instructor is saying.

Finally if you really want to speed up your learning curve then hiring a poker coach to spoon feed you the strategy is a perfectly fine way to cut months or even years off of your journey.

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