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How Gambling Can Affect You Psychologically

Many people gamble for many different reasons. Most people today gamble without thinking twice about it. They use the recreation of gambling as a favorite past time. Sometimes this can be the worst way to look at gambling. When it becomes a favorite past time and they keep using 먹튀검증업체, this is when people can become addicted.

Some people believe that they can win playing certain games at the casino and try and develop strategies to do so. Such games as blackjack, roulette, and other table games can be manipulated if played properly, but a lot of planning and execution must go into developing a strategy to be able to win and win continuously. Sometimes people think that their strategies will never fail them and sometimes they are right. Sometimes their strategies fail and they lose a lot of money and try desperately to win the money back.

Other people have common beliefs in luck and other myths that they use to help them win. Some of the time these beliefs can have devastating effects. Usually what has worked one time will not always work for them. When this happens and their beliefs fail, new ones are implemented and people attempt to make the best of winning their money back, but sometimes can lose big.

Gambling can affect you psychologically in a number of different ways. Some people can become hypnotized by the bright lights and flashing colors that the casino offers. Some people even believe that casinos are designed to keep people in their length because of the layout and such.

Most of the time, the biggest factor that keeps people enslaved to gambling is their desire and motivation to win. People can become relentless and develop an addiction based on the pure intention of desire regardless of how much they win or lose. The best way to know if you are being affected negatively by gambling, psychologically, is to create a gambling budget and sticky by it. That way you will know how much you are winning or losing and if you go over and above what you set out to win or lose, then you know what gambling may have a hold on you.

Usually, when a person becomes psychologically addicted to gambling they will completely advocate gambling in whatever way that they can. They will have gambling partners and will spend most of their time at the casinos. If you feel that you may have a gambling problem, you may want to seek problem gambling help. Most gambling centers will have more information that you can choose from to help you learn more about gambling addictions.

Are You Going To Play Poker Games? Keep Emotions In Check!

While playing online poker games, you should pay appropriate attention to numerous aspects. It is not easy to win at poker table, and that’s why you should follow some essential tips and tricks. Most gamblers are trying to make a huge amount of money at poker table. On the other hand, some gamblers want to play poker games to get entertained. Poker is not easy to play, so you should learn its pure basics. Without understanding the rules of poker games, you can’t get started. 

It is crucial for beginners to keep some basic tips into consideration before going to play Pkv Online. First of all, know the game properly and then play it free to understand its various aspects. Playing poker for free is also a good option for doing practice. With the help of this, you can master the poker game and become a pro player. 

Never invest your money in excitement 

If you are winning at poker table continuously, then it doesn’t mean you will always win the game. But some gamblers don’t know about this fact, and they get excited to invest their real money. They play the game by spending more money, which also increases the risk of losing money. It is one of the main reasons why gamblers should keep emotions in check. They shouldn’t get excited while playing the card game at poker table.  

Play smartly 

Gamblers should always play the video poker smartly in order to be a winner. A minor mistake can also lead to huge losses, and that’s why you should always implement effective tips and tricks. Instead of getting too excited, it is important to decide the amount of money that you are going to invest in poker games.

Poker Hacks For Novice Players – Important Tips & Tricks for players!!!

If you are new in the world of poker then winning a lot of money can be challenging task for you because you will have to set the strategy. A person should create a balance between excitement & fun.  Poker has already experience a unprecedented growth in few years. If you are playing carefully then it will able to change a person’s future overnight. Online poker is little bit more popular game than offline version.  

Beginners should scale the skills set and maximize their returns. Becoming a next popular poker star isn’t easy because it requires dedication, strategy and other things. You should visit on and play your favorite poker game. Try to initiate with stakes where you will able to feel comfortable. If you want to hone the skills then one has to learn so many things. Let’s discuss vital tips and tricks that will help you in becoming a proficient poker player.

  • Bankroll

Majority of the folks are already facing issues while managing bankroll in game. If possible then you should invest considerable amount of time in practice with calm mind. If you are playing your favorite game without fear then it can be dangerous for you. If you are investing considerable amount of time in learning the game then it will able to enhance the level of skills. A person should initiate the game with controlled bankroll that will enable a person to pay close attention on the gameplay.

  • Good emotional state

Emotional player will not able to become successful in any forms of game. Winning and losing has become a main part of the game.

Moving Further, it is highly recommended that a person should initiate the game with a fresh mind.


Here Is The Best Way To Get Very Good At Poker!

If you are interested in playing Pkv Games, then you can easily master it by acknowledging some tips and tricks. We all know that there are millions of people all around the world who are cherishing poker games because it is the best source of entertainment. The fan following of poker and other gambling games is at a high peak. There are lots of tricks through which you can become amazed at playing poker games. There are several individuals who are cherishing such games because it is the right path and a great source for earning good cash money.

One can earn money through it just by sitting at their home. You don’t have to visit any casino or club to play poker games. If you have a good internet connection, then within some time, you will become a master by playing casino games. Now, in the lower section, I am going to write some of the best ways to get very good at poker. As a reason, by representing all these things, it will become beneficial for you to play and earn good money through it. 

The best way to get very good at poker as:

  • The very first thing which you need to keep in your mind is to think about the ranges and opportunities. As a reason, through this, you will be able to get more and more opportunities.
  • The next thing which you need to acknowledge is about knowing all the appropriate tricks and techniques for playing such games.
  • If you will know all the rules appropriately, then it becomes easy for you to play as well as win the game. 

All the beneficial information is listed in the above section, so consider these ways to become very good at poker.

Free Attractions to See in Las Vegas

People think that they will go broke every time that they visit Las Vegas. Actually, that is not true. There is a lot of free attractions and entertainment to see in Las Vegas that will keep you entertained. Here you will find some of the best shows to see plus some advice to save you some money on your next trip to Las Vegas.

One of my favorite attractions in Las Vegas is the aquarium at the Silverton Casino which is located about three miles south of the strip. You will need to take a shuttle or taxi to the casino if you do not rent a car but it is well worth the expense. The Silverton Casino has an outdoors theme and is actually attached to Bass Pro Shops. The Casino is beautiful. Inside the casino is a 100,000+ gallon tropical aquarium to please anyone. You can walk around the whole tank, or sit around it on one of the benches. You might also want to play some poker online games as you connect to the Wi-Fi while waiting. Divers are in the aquarium at certain times of the day to feed the stingrays and answer any questions you may have about any of the fish. This is one place you have to see to believe.

Another one of my favorite sites to see in Las Vegas is the fountains at Bellagio. Located right in the center of the Las Vegas Strip, you cannot miss its beauty. The fountains at Bellagio are running seven days a week at various times throughout the day. The best time to see the fountains are in the evening, as they light up to the music that is played.

Nearby the Bellagio hotel is the Mirage hotel and casino. Here you will find the giant volcano that you can watch erupt in the evening hours. This is truly a site to see. The combination of water and fire put together is exciting. Also, at neighboring casino Treasure Island, you can watch the Sirens of TI, a pirate show performance that is truly magical. While it only runs a few times in the evening, and will close down when there is high winds.

If you want to you can always go downtown and see the Fremont Street Experience. The Fremont Street Experience is a canopy over Fremont Street with a light show in the canopy. This is one site to see, but you must come at night. While you are there you can walk through The Golden Nugget Casino, old but beautiful.

Off the strip you can visit The Rio Casino and see the Masquerade in the Sky, a daily parade you can watch through the casino that is in the air. It is really neat to see, and for a fee, you can actually ride in one of the floats! It runs about 15 dollars and it includes a keepsake picture.

Walking along the strip and in and out of all the casinos and shops will keep you occupied and entertained for days. As you can see, there are plenty of things to see and do in Las Vegas that do not cost a penny. Especially if you are not a gambler, you will definitely find entertainment to keep you busy for a long time. Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas; you will have a great time

Top 6 Card Games That You Can Enjoy Online

If you are a fan of card games then you should definitely try all these online games with your friends and family. This is why here we are with the best card games that you can enjoy online. Although if you are a fan of online poker games that you can try Judi slot that offers you a wide variety of casino games that you like.

  • Starting this list with Shadow Era, you get an amazing and relaxing card game that you can try. In this game, you get over 100 missions and a ton of cards that you can try. Another attractive feature in this game is how you can easily acquire new cards without paying for them.
  • Hex: Shards Of Fate is another really amazing and engaging game that you can try. However, due to its complex graphics, this game is only available on PC. As you get familiar with this game you can easily earn lucrative rewards as well.
  • Eternal on the other hand is a multiplayer card game that you can try. You also get plenty of PvE options making this game really fun for players that like card games. This game is also available on Xbox because of its huge demand and popularity.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a dream for every Yu-Gi-Oh! fan that is out there. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links offers you great graphics, storyline, tons of monsters, and much more making this game really fun and intense.

  • Besides Yu-Gi-Oh! there are tons of Pokemon fans out there. This is why Pokémon TCG Online is another really interesting game that you can try. You get to fight with other players using your pokemon. Moreover, there is no need for you to invest that much money in this game as well.
  • Lastly, we have Hearthstone that is one of the most intense and action-packed games that you will find online. The popularity of Hearthstone improved the perspective of game makers as they started investing in card games.

These are the top 6 CCG that you can try online.

Nintendo NES Games that I Miss

Nintendo completely changed my perception of gaming by launching tons of interesting and engaging games that Nintendo lovers can enjoy. Just like that, I would like to see if Nintendo can add more games that are available at Baba Poker for poker lovers. Although, this might take a lot of time, here are some of the best games that I really enjoyed on my Nintendo.

The Guardian Legend:

Apparently I and one other guy ever played this game. Think of Legend of Zelda combined with Gradius. Each corridor was its own space shooter level complete with a really nasty bad buy at the end. Between corridors were zones where you found power-ups and ways to earn points for more life or power for weapons. On, you didn’t save the game you entered codes to show your progress in the game. On top of playing the game, I spent half my team trying to hack the system and get more power-ups earlier in the game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:

The Arcade Game. Maybe it was because I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, maybe it was because the arcade game actually featured voices when you played it, but I loved this game. The first TMNT game was hard, slow, and bad. The second was like watching the TV show. I loved progressing through the levels and finding little known bad guys from the show and beating them down (Baxter the Fly). What really put it over the top was the standard Konami cheat codes. I’m going to try to remember this without Googling it, so you can tell me if I’m right or wrong in the comments; Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start. Unlimited lives baby!

Dragon Warrior:

I had a friend down the street who introduced me to this game. This game had no frills, no bells, no whistles. It was really underpowered for its day, but something about it kept us playing over and over again. You are Edrick, the warrior of light, who has to defeat the evil Dragon Lord. The battles were nothing more than a picture of a bad guy and scrolling text. You actually had to walk around sometimes and just “find” items on the ground. When I say FIND, I mean an actual menu setting that just said “FIND”. What puts this game over the top? Accepting the offer from the Dragon Lord and becoming a bad guy. Try it and tell me what happens to your game.

Mega Man 2:

I got in trouble playing this game until 4 in the morning once. It was a rental, and we had to beat as many bad guys before it had to get returned. Each bad guy had a unique power that if defeated could be used by you. Who doesn’t remember Mega Man, his giant head, and his little pellets he fired at random robot creations. This too had a code system instead of the saving system. This meant hours and hours of trying to hack the game by guessing the code.

Duck Hunt:

I was good a duck hunt, really good. I was happy when the Wii had a duck hunt knock off in Wii Play. Who here wasted bullets on that stupid laughing dog? This was just a good clean shoot the duck fun!

Final Fantasy:

I have an app for that on my phone. You know what really makes me happy about RPGs is the ability to create multiple parties and save them into different slots. You would come up with some crazy combos for groups like the All Redmage Group (the most mediocre group around). Then you could try something really hard like the all-black belt group and get a huge payoff when they did major damage toward the end of the game. Come to think of it, I don’t know if I’ve ever actually finished that game…

Super Mario Bros. 3:

Let me tell you, Fred Savage and a Raccoon tail made this game cool. I had Nintendo Power so I figure out how to warp to the last level be the end of the first level and beat the game on the first day. But that’s not what Mario games are about. Each level has its own feel and there are some power-ups that you can only get in certain worlds. I think we were all blown away by the Giant world… comment below if you know what I mean.

Super Mario Brothers:

Is it fair as a writer to put these two games back to back? I think so! Even though the game stars Mario and Luigi, these games have two completely different feels. Super Mario Brothers are the game that really made Mom and Dad by the system in the first place. Even grandma put down her back man joystick and gave Mario dance on the floor. There were so many hidden tricks in this game that I’m sure people are still finding things out. The real question will never be answered though; How many tricks are tricks, and how many tricks are bugs that were never fixed?

Legend of Zelda:

Do you remember the commercial? There was a guy running around yelling Zelda over and over again. The game seemed kind of lame to me, but my parents bought it for me on my birthday. I was hooked. As a kid, I spend hours outside in the back yard with a stick and a trash can lid pretending to fight Gannon and his evil minions. If you don’t know what Zelda is, you’ve never played a video game before.

And the number one game from the NES that I miss? Tetris. When I was in my early twenties, I didn’t have a phone, I didn’t have cable TV, I didn’t have a computer, but I had my Nintendo NES and Tetris. I would play this game for hours and hours on end. I remember having a friend bang on my door at 11 o’clock at night wanting to borrow some money so he could take a girl out on a date, but I refused to answer because I was sitting in the middle of my living room floor in underwear playing Tetris. Did you know that when you play long enough you have a flying saucer on the launch pad and the Kremlin takes off into space?

There are many other games that I would love to go into, and I’m fairly certain you all have your own games that bring back the days of Bobby Brown, Milley Valley, and your sister feathering her hair up 10 inches. Feel free to comment and share some of your favorite.

World Of Warcraft Jewelcrafting Guide

Jewelcrafting is a trade skill in World of Warcraft that is used to make many things such as rings, necklaces, gems for socketed items, and some trinkets. Jewelcrafting goes hand in hand with mining, smelting the ore into bars to make settings, or using the ore to prospect for useful gems. When choosing jewelcrafting as your profession there is only a few places to train it. The Exodar, Silvermooon city, and in Shattrath on the Aldor rise.

When leveling jewelcrafting a few things are going to be remembered never get rid of your settings until you are positive your done using them. The first thing made is a setting and following a setting your next thing is going to be a ring made by the setting. Assuming your mining your going to have plenty of materials up until the really high levels.

First thing.we are making Delicate Copper Wires. Make 20 of these. This should take you up to level 20. Get out the rough stones and make about 10 Rough stone statues. Then we are going to get out the delicate copper wires and some tigerseye and make 20 tigerseye bands. This should finish the copper only part of the leveling, there is still bronze so more copper is needed.

Copper is needed to make the process of jewelcrafting a lot easier as copper wires have some important alloys in them which will increase the speed in making rough stone statues and it will make the level much more enjoyable than any other Pkv Games Online level.

By now your jewelcrafting should be 50 and bronze should be on the menu. Make enough bronze settings to get your skill to 75. You’re going to need 30 bronze settings so make 30 at least or more if your skill isn’t 75 yet. Make some solid bronze rings to get to 80. Put the settings aside they will be needed soon but not now.

Next we are going to have to have some silver bars for some rings. If silver is hard to come by for this part take some extra bronze and make a few more solid bronze rings, but get to 90 on Elegant silver rings and Solid bronze rings. If silver is abundant make Ring of silver might all the way to 110. If silver is a problem an alternative to get to 110 would be Bronze torc. On the way to 110 make sure if the alternate route of bronze the settings might get eaten up and more might be needed.

Pendant of the agate shield is the next make with bronze settings and moss agate. This will be made all the way to 150. If the moss agate is hard to come by make Gold dragon rings or Wicked moonstone rings also. Just be sure that 150 is the next point that you get to because this is going to be stepping into mithril.

40 Mithril filigree is going to be made for the next part. Try to get at least 180 with 40 Mithril filigrees. Materials for Jewelcrafting are definitely not always user friendly so making a variety of things is sometimes good. Up to 200 start out making Jade pendant of blasting, The jade eye, or Engraved truesilver rings.

This is when it starts to get a little pricey. Availability of materials is always an issue, but the best bet for now is to make Citrine ring of rapid healing, until 210 then make aquamarine signets until 225. If you want the Jade owl trinket or the Golden hare or both make these before 225 it will make it a little easier.

Getting into thorium at 225 we are going to be making around 50 thorium settings, Dense stone statues can be made but not necessary. Make statues first if you want the statues. Otherwise the 50 thorium settings should be enough to get to 250. Even being green at 245. If you did not get 250 go back to the aquamarine signet until 250. After making the settings, your going to want to try to make Red ring of destruction. Make these until yellow which should be 255. Same materials for Ruby pendant of fire which is next until 260. Then we are making Truesilver healing ring up to 265. The Aquamarine ward up to 270, then we have the harder parts. Simple opal ring to 275 even 280 if possible(this is where materials gets a little messy.). Sapphire signet up to 285. Diamond focus ring to 290. And to get to 300 Emerald lion ring.

Now for the easy part again for a while. Many of these patterns are bought off vendors. The materials are easily found in mines or prospect out of the ores in outlands some are even in chests. from 300-305 make Teardrop blood garnet, Inscribed flame spessarite, Radiant deep peridot, Glowing shadow draenite, Brilliant golden draenite, or Solid azure moonstone. More than 5 will probably have to be made so just make some that fit your class the best and

For 310 the same idea, Bold blood garnet, Luminous flame spessarite, Jagged deep peridot, Royal shadow draenite, Gleaming golden draenite, Sparkling azure moonstone, Bright blood garnet. Will need more than 5 makes yet again.

Fel iron blood ring or Golden draenite ring up to 320. You can make the following gems also Runed blood garnet Glinting flame spessarite, Enduring deep peridot, Shifting shadow draenite, Thick golden draenite, Stormy azure moonstone.

Up to 325 Delicate blood garnet, Potent flame spessarite, Dazzling deep peridot, Sovereign shadow draenite, Rigid golden draenite, Lustrous azure moonstone, Smooth golden draenite.

Mercurial adamantite will take you all the way to 345 before turning green. And you will use it for a while after making it. For money making i suggest Making the black pearl up to 350 maybe 355. Other options are Heavy adamantite ring and Thick adamantite necklace.

After 350 there is no easy way about it. Look for the few cheapest recipes for Superior quality gems on the auction house or you’re going to be waiting for world drops. Once you get to 365 you can make metagems. Meta gems are for helm slots only and there are a few fairly easy to get. Consortium reputation will get a few of the popular ones. Metagems are probably the best way to finish off and get 375.

Boys At Play: The New Video Gaming Slumber Parties

Slumber parties just aren’t what they used to be. When I was a teenager, my best friend and I spent every weekend night together (until the parental units decided enough was enough). We giggled and talked – watched some TV and listened to some music – but mostly we giggled and talked. This was in the post Pong era – you could play Centipede and Space Invaders at an arcade, as long as you had quarters, and there were home versions of Pacman, but video games were still a novelty, not the all consuming obsession that they are to teens today. The games are like Pkv games where you can find wide variety of amazing poker games. The graphics, the concepts, the designs and even the entire feature are truly amazing. Kids will certainly love these games. They will also never run out of games in a slumber party.

Last night I witnessed the “new” slumber party. Three adolescent boys joined my own sixteen-year-old son for a night of gaming. Everyone brought a computer – both desk tops and lap tops. The desk tops all had enormous monitors, so bringing them over was no picnic. They set up their computers on our kitchen table, and proceeded to engage in a game of “Sins of a Solar Empire,” which lasted until 3 am. I guess it was the equivalent of actually finishing a game of Monopoly.

As far as I could tell they never left the table, except to eat. My husband asked me later why they didn’t take a page from my 13 year old, who conducts all his social activities via Ventrilo, and play the game from their own houses? But I noticed that there was something evocative of a conversation in the air, and an almost military sense of camaraderie. It’s good for them to practice working together to solve problems and accomplish larger goals, right???

My son later told me that they were playing on a LAN connection using a router which was faster than playing over the internet, so there actually was some advantage to being physically together. Basically, they set up an improptu network in our breakfast nook – who says kids today aren’t developing marketable skills?

I also caught a glimpse of the awkwardness of adolescent boys, and their preposterous bravado as they try to fit themselves into a man’s skin. Only one computer had speakers, from which a female voice gave a running play by play of the game. After several hours of her annoying chatter (imagine if your car spoke to you incessantly as you were driving, “You have 12.3 gallons of gas remining,” “You have 12.2 gallons of gas remaining.”), one kid started hurling creative retorts at her. “Why don’t you go make me a sandwich B****?,” he snapped. I thought to myself, try saying that to a real woman, sweetie, you might find that sandwich entering a different orifice than you had envisioned.

They’re actually very sweet though, when they’re operating in the physical plane. They put their plates away after dinner and thank me for having them over as they are leaving. The cyber world gives them a chance to be someone else for awhile with the powers of a super hero and the fate of whole worlds in their hands. Come to think of it, the fate of this world will be in their hands some day, won’t it?

Aika Online: Where Tribal Warfare Meets Virtual Parenting

At first glance, it’s a little hard to tell exactly what type of game Aika Online really is. It has a lot of your traditional MMO elements, with guilds, crafting, and character classes, but it also adds in a bit of team strategy gaming, economic simulation, and even virtual parenting. This eclectic group of features may sound strange, but combined with better-than-average graphics, a great online community, and relatively lag-free, polished gameplay make Aika stand out among its F2P (Free to Play) peers. Here’s a quick summary of some of the best things Aika has to offer:

Possibly the most unique feature included in Aika is the Pran. Pran are unique little creatures that develop alongside your character, growing in age, experience, and even personality! Once you’ve gained a few levels, you will get the chance to complete a quest and meet your Pran for the first time. You will be able to choose from three separate elemental magics for her to possess: Fire (offensive), Water (defensive), or Air (mixed). She will come to you in the form of a small fairy and will possess just one skill or buff. As you fight various enemies, your Pran will gain experience alongside you, allowing her to eventually “grow” into a child, and then teenager, as well as gain various skills that can aid you in battle. As she grows, your Pran will need to be cared for, nurtured, and fed. She will occasionally ask you questions, and how you respond will eventually determine the type of personality that she develops. Encourage her, and she may end up with a “cute” or “hyper” personality. Discourage her, and she will become “tough” or “mean”. There are six total personality types, and each answer you give will influence her in more than one. How you treat your Pran affects how devoted she is to you, as well. The more devoted she is, the higher the chance she will agree to help you in battle.

Aika features a large questing system, as well. There is a main storyline branch of quests, as well as a multitude of side quests. While completing them may sometimes become repetitive (ie, kill x amount of x monster), the quests themselves all have unique dialog and stories. For lower and mid-level characters, this virtually eliminates the need to constantly “grind”, though the option to do so is still there. Higher-level characters will still have a bit of grinding to do, but the developers are constantly adding in new quests and areas to keep the game interesting and fun.

Another of the more unique features is the Nation versus Nation PvP. Players become eligible to join one of five separate nations at level 10. Each nation has it’s own history and mindset, and there are advantages and disadvantages to joining each. Nations are constantly at war with each other over the possession of several relics, each of which provides a different buff for the nation that holds it. Relics are stored in various temples in each nation, and the community must be constantly on the lookout for foreign attacks. When a relic is lost, not only does that buff disappear, but the “wrath of the Goddess Aika” falls upon that nation, and for a time monster spawn will increase while the rate of items dropped decreases. Each nation is ruled by a Lord Marshall and his knights, who have won their titles in a guild vs guild weekly battle called “Castle Siege”, similar to capture the flag. Lord Marshalls are given control over several different aspects of that country’s daily life, including taxes, international alliances, and defensive strategies. A good Lord Marshall can mean the difference between a dynamic powerhouse and empty, player-less land. Luckily, new players are offered bonuses and in-game items for joining “underdog” nations, so growth in the not-so-prosperous regions is kept alive.

Last but not least, is the community. While it not necessarily unique to Aika, the close-knit community of players and GMs that this game has definitely made it stand out among F2Ps. Free to Play games usually seem to have a very small group of devoted followers, surrounded by a much larger transient community. This makes sense, as F2P games are well, free, and much easier to try out and leave than something like World of Warcraft. Aika though seems to have a much larger ratio of devotees to transients than others. Whether this is due to the unique nature of the game in the first place, or the people themselves, I’m not sure. I do know that it makes for a much easier, more enjoyable “newbie” experience. New players are almost always treated with respect and kindness and often are taken under the wing of a more experienced player within a few minutes of joining the world. It also makes for a much more contented veteran player base. Aside from the typical PvP grudges, Aika seems to suffer a lot less of the name-calling and rude behaviors that plague most MMOs. Another aspect that puts Aika’s community miles ahead of its competitors, is its hard-working and devoted staff. GMs frequently post and respond in the forums, as well as run plenty of contests and events both in-game and out. As anyone who is an MMO fanatic (like myself) can tell you, this is a rare find with online games.

While it has plenty of positives, Aika does have a few negatives worth mentioning. As are most F2P games, Aika is plagued with spammers and bots. GMs typically remove each one within a few hours, but because of it’s free nature, it will be virtually impossible to stamp out this issue. There is a “block” feature, but the number of users it holds is limited, and so if you play mostly off-times, be prepared to see a little spamming. Another issue many players seem to have is the amount of character customization. Classes are gender locked, meaning you are stuck being a male Warrior, or a female Cleric. Individual appearances are also extremely limited, with only a few facial and hairstyles, and clothing only differing by character level and type.

Overall, I would very much recommend giving Aika a try. The combination of features, amazing community, and best of all, F2P status, makes this one of the better MMOs I’ve played in a long time. Although, there are millions of gamers that are not interested in MMOs for such people there are Top-Rated Indonesia Online Casinos that they can visit in order to enjoy their favorite games and earn money from that as well.