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Bingo A Game For Smart People

It’s probably that someone that you know who does not share the same passion and love for the game of bingo, has to tell you-not without a certain quota of sarcasm- that is a game for older people.

Often in life simpleness gets confused with simplicity, and the game of bingo is a simple game as complex. As it happens with music, poetry or any art, the road to finding simpleness is nothing but complex. Is that what makes possible its accessibility.

An investigation made recently in the United Kingdom, expose the complexity of this game, it affirms that those that practice bingo are faster mentally that does how do not do it.

Practicing bingo makes your mind more active and qiuqiu is an online platform where you can do it. The older you are, the mentally slightly you will get. Three million people approximately play bingo in the United Kingdom, where this study was made; this study determinates this game to be the favorite for older people.

A bingo player should be able to quickly check the numbers, to coordinate his hands and view, capacities that usually detriment with age.

Contrary to which it happens in chess or bridge, whose required skills are stored in the brain and emerge when it is necessary, in bingo is necessary to work in a limited time.

It was Julie Winstone, of the Department of Psychology of the University of Southampton, the one who has studied the mental agility of bingo players throughout one year.

Bingo could act as a brake for the decadence of cognitive capacities like speed, exactitude, and recognition of patterns.

Know what they are saying? That bingo is a game for grownups? It’s played by all ages but is the truth is the favorite of older people. There is an explanation for this: these are wise people who have lived a lot of experiences and have the knowledge to choose the best game.