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Author: Rhonda

Rhonda intends to share her in-depth knowledge and experience that gathered while being a part of one of the biggest casinos in the U.S. She wishes to provide his invaluable guidance to all the beginners in this field.

Sam’s Town Casino in Shreveport, Louisiana: A Review

Are you a small-time gambler looking for a place to have a good time? If so, try Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana, located at 315 Clyde Fant Parkway. Here’s what you can expect when you visit Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana:

Three levels of casino. Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana is spread out in an unusual kind of way. You enter at ground level and then go down an escalator to enter the main lobby area. This is where you’ll find the customer service area, a stage, and several eateries, including Smokey Joe’s. Just behind the main lobby area, you’ll find the gambling casino. Well, since you will encounter some really good players there, you should start by honing your skills first at situs judi bola. That will improve you chances of winning the game as you go to the physical casino. 

Walkthrough the casino attendants at Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana, and you’ll discover three floors of gambling, separated by how high or low you want to gamble. The bottom floor is where all the penny gambling takes place. The higher up you go on floors, the more money it’ll cost you per spin. This casino has plenty of table action, too, if this is what you’re looking for.

Wall-to-wall people. If you intend to play the penny slots at Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana, expect wall-to-wall people, and the machines are close together, so you’ll be almost sitting on top of the person next to you. On weekends, you might even have to wait for one of the penny slots to open up. You can bet that someone is watching how much you put in and how much you cash out, so don’t fall prey to watchers.

Plenty of play. The one good thing about Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana is that you can play a long time on the penny slots with a small amount of money if you play strategically. Sadly, though, that you won’t really win anything unless you just get really lucky and get a machine that someone failed to hit before they ran out of money. The penny slots, ordinarily, take for a while and then return your money (or less).

Indifferent attitudes. Unfortunately, the help is not really friendly at Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana. Customer service seems to only tolerate the customers when helping them. The casino attendants at the mouth of the casino seem agitated much of the time. The only friendly people you’re likely to find at Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana are the cocktail waitresses, but that’s the way they make their money.

Decent rooms. The rooms at Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana are decent. They are generally clean, but nothing special. If you spend even a small amount of money at Sam’s Town in Shreveport, Louisiana, you’ll likely get a complimentary room coupon in the mail. Be sure to call far in advance to make your reservation, though. It’s quite difficult to get a room at Sam’s Town, with or without a coupon.


Win More at the Casino

This article is only meant for those people who go to a casino for pleasure!! It’s certainly not my intention to get the entire world addicted to casino games such as 안전 카지노 사이트 but I wish to explain to you a technique that will increase your winning games with roulette.

With 37 numbers, 2 colors and a lot of combinations between the numbers, it seems that the casino will always win. With my technique, you’ll learn to search for those numbers who are on a certain moment interesting!

Sometimes you’ll see 7 or 8 successive red numbers coming out. The chance that the next number will be again a red number will reduce and will give you more chances to win on the black numbers.

You can also use this method to gamble (e.g.) on the box with the numbers 1 to 9. This will give you a 25% chance that the number is between that range. But just wait for a moment that (e.g.) the last 15 numbers didn’t match the numbers(1-9) and your chances become very high that one of the next numbers will be between 1 and 9. Normally you already should have 3 numbers between 1 and 9 but just because it didn’t happen you now will have many more chances to win.

Some people claim you have every time the same chances to get the ball on each or the same number or color. With their theory, you could have always the same number even after 1000 times they still tell you you keep the same chances to get the same number. But I disagree!

This would be only if you always start from the same starting point to spin the wheel and this always at the same speed. Moreover, the ball has to roll always in the same direction as well at the same speed. And I didn’t mention yet the exact time you have to release the ball!!!

The only truth they speak is that every spin of the wheel you keep having the same chances to get a number this means that it will give you on the long term an equal quantity of every color and every number. So, take your chance when a range of numbers didn’t come out after several games because you always will go to an equalibrity of the numbers.

Finally, I want to emphasize that a casino has to stay in a place where you go for fun. You also better decide before you go how much money you want to spend and imagine always you lose every penny!!! All you win is nice but “never” “never” “never” go to a casino to earn money just as you were working.

And to show you my theory is a pretty good one but is not 100% certain: A croupier last time told me that the record in that casino to having successively the same number was 6 times!

Top Five Casinos And Resorts To Visit In Atlantic City, New Jersey

So this is the first time you have step foot in Atlantic City and you want to know which casinos to visit and play in. On your first trip to Atlantic City there is so much to do and so much to see it is hard to decide where to spend your time. Additionally, you can find all about these restaurants on fullcountpitch.com and decide for yourself what suits you the best. I will try to help make this decision easier by giving you some insight into what in my opinion are the top five casinos to visit in Atlantic City these reviews are based on my personal experiences.

1. Borgota

This is the newest casino in Atlantic City and by far much superior to the other casinos that are there. If I only had enough time to visit one casino this would be the place I would go. It is not only a great place for gambling but also has some very nice dining places. Some of the great places to eat are Wolfgang Puck American Grille, SeaBlue, and Bobby Flay Steak these places can be quite pricey though. Less expensive places for a meal include Bread and Butter, Roma and the Borgata Buffet which also serves very good food. If you do not feel like gambling all night the casino also has two great nightclubs mur.mur and another night clubs called MIXX. The rewards programs they have at playing at their casino are quite good and you do not need to spend a lot of money to earn rewards. Sometimes they even give you a room upgrade when you get a free room that happened to me. They also have the largest if the nicest looking poker room in Atlantic City with the newest playing chips. The downside of this casino is that the minimum for the table games are a little higher on certain days and time. This casino has an older crowd usually mid 20’s and up; also they have the best waitresses in all of Atlantic City and when you go there you will see why.

2. Harrah’s

Harrah’s I think is the second-best place to go if you are visiting Atlantic City for the first time. This is especially true if you are not a gambling person and just want to go there to the party because they have one of the if not the best clubs called The Pool which throws a party every night in a vacation getaway like atmosphere with an indoor pool. The Pool is also opened during the day for swimming and sunbathing and is also just the right temperature. They have many good places to dine and a buffet which are less pricey than some of the other dining places in other casinos I have been to. The rewards program is pretty good and the best part is you can use their points at any casino owned by Harrah’s gaming; I have friends who got free rooms in Las Vegas for 3 or 4 nights. There are also a lot of stores in this casino for shopping even though I personally have never bought anything from any of those stores.

3. Tropicana

This is my third choice of casinos and resorts I would go to if I were in Atlantic City or had little kids with me and when I say little I mean anyone under age 21. This resort and casino is more family-oriented and are next to the boardwalk which is really nice during the summer with a nice beach and a lot of activities to do besides gambling and drinking. You see a lot of people at this resort with family. In addition inside the casino is also an IMAX theater which shows a lot of really great movies which is another reason why you see a lot of people with family’s coming here. They also have a family-style Italian restaurant called Carmines which I believe is a chain place, and a Cuban food restaurant and bar called Cuban Libre there are also a bunch of other places but those are the only two places I ate at. The nightlife although I did not think that their clubs were as lavish or great looking they were still fun the Cuban Libre restaurant becomes a night club that plays Latin music which I did not find at any other casino and resort, they also they have the nightclub 32 Degrees, and a sports bar called A Dam Good Sports Bar if you just want to have a drink and check out the scores for some games. The only downside is that the rewards program for this casino is not that great I have not received a single comp from this casino, but in their defense, I usually only play poker here so there are not as big comp points for that as slots and table games.

4. Caesars

This is your typical casino it is a nice place to gamble there are not a lot of other activities to do here. They have a lot of the amenities that the other newer and bigger casinos have but nothing that really stands out. This is on the list because it is bigger and better than most of the other casinos besides the casinos mentioned earlier on. This would be a casino I would stop by if I had some extra time or wanted a change of scenario or place to gamble at one from the earlier mentioned casinos. This place has a lot of older crowd mostly in their 30’s and up.

5. Bally’s

This place has a similar vibe to Caesars it is not all that amazing but just a place to gamble although the reason I added it is because of the Wild Wild West casino which has lower minimum table games than a lot of the other casinos and a good place to play at if you have a small budget.

NFL Playoff Betting: Indianapolis Colts (14-4) Vs. New England Patriots (14-4)

Well, the AFC championship has come down to another matchup between perennial arch-rivals, the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. The Colts are seeking their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history – and, as has been the case for the past few seasons – the Patriots stand directly in their path of getting what they have worked so hard all season for.

New England, on the other hand, is seeking their fourth Super Bowl championship in the last six seasons and after an inconsistent start, are now playing their best football of the season. If you are a huge fan of these NFL games and want to earn money by placing online bets, then situs dominoqq online is a legal and reliable platform to do so. You can also learn more about the dynamics of the game and how you can improve your chances of winning. 

Here is a look at the upcoming matchup, both points spreads and a prediction on the outcome of the game.

Indianapolis Colts (14-4)

All jokes aside, the Colts, who were been bounced from the playoffs by New England in both, 2003 and 2004, have finally set themselves up to overcome their frustrating postseason futility against the Patriots by beating the Baltimore Ravens on the road, giving them home-field advantage in this contest against the Patriots.

Although the Colts have actually won their last two games over New England, including a 27-20 victory in week 9, after dropping the six previous contests, this postseason game will bring out the very best in Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the New England Patriots.

Offensively, Indianapolis will try to do what they always do against every opponent – take whatever the defense gives them.

If that means Peyton Manning passing the ball repeatedly to his outstanding receiving core or running the ball a little more with a surprising rookie, Joseph Addai, Indianapolis knows exactly what they want to do as they enter this crucial game.

Expect Manning to work the middle of the field with tight end Dallas Clark and to hit Addai out of the backfield as the Pats have made a habit of taking big-play wideouts Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne out of the game.

Defensively, the Colts had better keep playing the outstanding run defense they have all postseason after fielding the worst run defense in the league during the regular season. If Indianapolis can bottle up Patriots running backs, Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney, then they should be able to unleash their fierce pass rush featuring defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, upon Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with some sort of regularity.

New England Patriots (14-4)

The Patriots enter this game riding high after their improbable road win over the top-seeded San Diego Chargers.

After an inconsistent start to the regular season, the Patriots have once again solidified at just the right time and will give the Colts everything they can handle in this game and then some.

Offensively, the Patriots will try to run the ball effectively with their running back tandem of Maroney and Dillon. However, if they can’t (which seemed like a foregone conclusion for any Colts opponent this season) New England will rely on the right arm of Pro Bowl quarterback, Tom Brady.

As a matter of fact, the way the Patriots have moved the ball through the air this postseason, Belichick may want to throw the ball more than he normally likes to. In the last two weeks, Brady has connected with his two underrated and almost unknown wide receivers, Reche Caldwell and Jabbar Gaffney for 30 completions for 337 yards and two touchdowns.

Defensively, New England will have their hands full trying to stop the potent Colts offense, which has made adjustments this postseason that they have never made before.

Defensive end Richard Seymour will need to have a monster game as will the entire Pats linebacking core. New England’s suspect secondary will also need big performances from safeties, Artrell Hawkins and James Sanders and cornerback, Asante Samuel, who has been playing lights out as of late. However, if hard-hitting safety Rodney Harrison can’t go in this one, that will be a huge advantage for Manning and the Colts offense.

The Line: New England +3 At Indianapolis Over/Under 48.5

My Pick:

The Colts are playing at home on their fast carpet, which should help Harrison, Wayne and the rest of the Colts’ receivers get some sort of separation from New England’s banged-up secondary.

Let’s call it Indianapolis 31 New England 27, sending this game well over the low 48.5-point over/under.

I must have rocks in my head because I’m going to go with the Colts to not only win this one but to cover as well. I know the Patriots and Bill Belichick have had Tony Dungy and Peytin Manning’s number these past few years, but I think this is Indy’s best chance to reach a Super Bowl and they are not going to blow it again. If the Colts can’t beat the Patriots this time, then they might just want to petition the league for a move to the NFC, where they won’t have to face the Pats in the playoffs every year – unless they reach the Super Bowl that is.

Rounders Poker Review

For as long as i can remember, I’ve always enjoyed playing poker. So when i stumbled upon the Rounders Poker website, i was absolutely delighted. Its been a very long time since I’ve played poker online, and i had been looking for a new place to play. Rounders Poker is a standard Texas Hold ‘Em game, and was developed by Ijji.com. One great thing that i love about Rounders Poker is the play chips you’ve earned, be it by tournaments or just playing other players, can be used to bid on prize auctions. And these aren’t just whoopee cushions and key chains, unlike many other gaming websites. Ive seen everything from gift cards to amazon.com and starbucks to ipod accessories and name brand cologne (among many other things).

Getting started at Rounders Poker is easy. You begin by creating an Ijji account and once created, you click the “Play Live” button. The “Play Live” button is located at the center of the Rounders Poker main web page, and after clicking it will initiate the game download and installation. (Or start the game if you’ve already downloaded it) After the download and installation are complete and you’ve clicked “Play Live”, a screen will open with three game rooms. These include “Limit betting”, “No-Limit betting” and “Sit  amp; Go Tournaments”. To learn more about poker games online, you should check on some of the reviews and tutorials.

The purpose of the “Sit  amp; Go Tournaments” is to play against other players, and try to increase your rating. The higher your rating is, the higher level prizes will be available for you to bid on. There are 5 levels of auctions : Beginner, Novice, Amateur, Professional, and Champion. Beginner auctions everyone may bid on, however, champion actions only champion rating players will be able to bid on. And the bidding process is quite simple. To bid on an auction, click the “Place a Bid” button. Input your bid amount in the My Bid box and click the Place a Bid button to finalize your bid. There is an entry fee for every auction. This fee is required only once per auction. Re-bidding when outbid will not require another entry fee. However, If you withdraw your bid and you want to bid again, you have to pay the entry fee. If you’re the highest bidder when the auction ends, you will win the item. However, if you are not the highest bidder, your full bid amount minus the entry fee will be returned to you within six hours.

Overall I’m very impressed with Rounders Poker. Its a fun game, and the auctions and prizes are great. So if you’re looking for a good Texas Hold ‘Em game, be sure to check this one out. You wont be disappointed!

One Local’s Guide To Make a Visit To Las Vegas

Greetings! While many of you who are planning a trip to Las Vegas already have some clue of where you want to visit, there are many favorite places known to most of the locals of Las Vegas that visitors might not be aware of! Since I was born and raised in Las Vegas, it’s safe to assume that I know a few interesting places that most tourists aren’t made privy to that often. A few of the following items are my personal favorite parts of Las Vegas.


The Main Street Station Buffet:

This buffet is both affordable and has variety! From its samplings of Hawaiian-prepared meat to Southern-style cooking, this old casino’s buffet impressed me with the food offering I got for the money.

MGM Grand-Benihana’s :

While Benihana’s is a pretty well-known restaurant chain, it’s still good! The Las Vegas Benihana’s features a 2-story restaurant with its traditional large table-style grills. For anyone who has not been to Benihana’s before, it is a Japanese restaurant specializing in teppanyaki (that is, to use an iron griddle for cooking) with a fair sushi menu. Generally smaller parties are placed at a table with other groups to maximize the show – you get to watch the chef grill your order right before you! Some even juggle their cooking utensils (and the food!) on occasion.

Non-gambling entertainment: kid friendly!

Have some kids with you? Need a place for them to play while you try your luck at the slots? Perhaps you’re tired of gambling and want to do something else for a bit? Despite what most people think, Las Vegas has no shortage very kid-friendly entertainment. In some states, gambling can be considered as illegal so non-gambling games are made available. Pkv is the software that will support the gambling as well as non-gambling games.


Many themed hotels such as the Luxor (Egyptian theme) and Excalibur (medieval theme) have pretty large arcades. Some hotels even have carnival games and rollercoasters that run THROUGH the hotel!

In addition to arcades, there is even a theme park hidden right on the strip! While flying over, you might have seen a pink glass dome. Better known as the Circus Circus’ AdventureDome, it is a small enclosed theme park featuring a rollercoaster, along with a few other rides. The AdventureDome is a pleasant place to spend the afternoon, and even has its own Laser Tag area.


Many hotels feature their own themed indoor shopping malls. While there are quite a few, some are a bit better known than others.

Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops:

This Roman themed hotel’s shopping mall is one of my favorites. Featuring a digital ride, good restaurants, and unique stores, this is easily a place you can spend a few hours in. In addition to the shopping and food, there is also an indoor show featuring an “Atlantis” storyline that runs many times a day for you to watch.

Local Malls:

The better known local malls are generally referred to as the Boulevard Mall, The Meadows, and the Galleria Mall. If you are just looking for some shopping, there’s no real shortage of that either in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a mall close to your hotel, it’s likely that one of these is a short drive away.

Other interest-


Yes! Las Vegas has its own Chinatown! While I was surprised to discover that few tourists were aware of this, it definitely is the place to visit for unique dining and culture-themed shopping. While it is not the typical Vegas fare, Chinatown has a special interest of its own.

Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef:

A somewhat new addition to the Vegas strip, Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef features tanks filled with sharks, barracuda, and other “interesting” fish! There is even a clear tunnel that goes through some of the tanks, allowing visitors a close look at the variety of fish and sharks on display.

Hopefully some of these things will pique your interest! While there is a LOT more to Vegas than what I’ve mentioned, hopefully you too will enjoy some of my favorite aspects of the city of Las Vegas.

Five Tips For Sports Betting

Betting on sporting events is a popular way to increase the pleasure of watching a game. As Homer Simpson once described it, sports betting is like toppings on ice cream – it makes a good thing even better.

Some people are professional gamblers, and bet on sports exclusively to make money. Others gamble just for fun and don’t care very much if they win or lose. Most gamblers, like myself, are a mixture of both – we bet to enjoy the game more, but we’re also looking to make money.

Given the current job market situation, this is considered the safest bet to earn more money as gambling is not necessarily a sin if you know the tricks and trade of how much to bet and in what circumstances. Budding gamblers always question on where to find btts tips so as to improve their technique and bet on the right player.

While the most important aspect of winning your bets is predicting the outcome of a game, there are other ways to increase your winnings. Here are five tips that can make you a better sports gambler:

#1 – Shop around for the best line

Not all sports books use the same line. While the lines are often pretty close – usually within a point of each other – it’s always in your best interest to browse multiple books until you find the line most in favor of your bet. For example, let’s say it’s college basketball season, and you’re betting on a Maryland-Duke game. Duke is the underdog. In one book, they’re a +6, and in another, they’re a +6.5. Naturally, if you’re going to bet on Duke on the spread, it’s in your best interest to bet on the +6.5 spread. At the end of the day, if Duke loses by 6, you’ve won your bet, while those who bet on the +6 have pushed. Invariably, several games a day will end this way, so if you make every bet on the best possible line, you’ll win where others push and push where others lose. Never underestimate the half point.

#2 – Keep the “public” teams in mind

The job of an oddsmaker is not to make the line fair and accurate, but to make as much possible money for his book. This means that if the public supports a particular team, the line is going to heavily, if unfairly, favor that team. Casual bettors tend to not know much about less popular teams, so they’ll bet with the “public” teams, which means the lines will unfairly favor those teams. This gives the savvy bettor an opportunity to play the underdog on the spread. Let’s try another example: It’s football season, and the Steelers are playing the Falcons. In this hypothetical season, the Steelers have been dominating the league, and getting all the press coverage on SportsCenter and elsewhere. The Falcons are having a mediocre season, so nobody knows much about them. The less informed bettors will be willing to bet heavily on the Steelers in this scenario, meaning the spread will tremendously favor the Steelers. The Falcons probably won’t win, but they’ll probably cover the spread. Savvy bettors bet the underdog against public teams.

#3 – Don’t bet exclusively on big games

The most popular events to bet on are the Super Bowl and the NCAA basketball tournament, but often, the lines on these games are too risky. Quite often, the safest and most profitable bets will be on less significant games. Casual bettors develop tunnel vision, betting only on the games that are most exciting. Smart bettors keep their eyes on every line, looking for a good bet.

#4 – Time your bet properly

It takes experience to recognize the nature of line shifts and be able to predict them, but here’s a good rule of thumb: If you want to bet the favorite, bet early; if you want to bet the underdog, bet late. Generally, casual bettors bet late in the day and bet the favorite. This means that as the day goes on, the line will usually shift in favor of the favorite. For example, if the favorite is a -6.5 at the beginning of the day, as the day goes on, more and more people will bet the favorite, and to counteract that the oddsmaker may shift it to a -7.5. So it’s best to bet the underdog late in the day, when the line is most in your favor, and earlier for the favorite.

#5 – Don’t use a handicapper

Many bettors think they can make a profit by trusting expert advice. It’s not a smart move. For one, most handicapping services are scams. If you find a legitimate one, the handicappers who work there will be experts who understand not only the teams, but also the complicated mathematics behind sports gambling. All the more reason to trust them, right? Wrong. It’s dangerous to trust the advice of somebody when you don’t fully understand that advice. Handicappers, because of their expertise, know how to balance their bets, understand the odds and the spreads, calculate risks, etc. The advice they give you may be what they’re planning to do themselves, but they also know how to react when things don’t go the way they expected. If you take their advice without that expertise, you could be left in the dust. It’s like trusting a stock guru. They don’t intend to deceive you, but they have an expertise that you don’t, so it’s a bad idea to blindly follow them. Plus, you’ll not only lose money on your bets, but you’ll have to pay them, too. Of course, you may understand mathematics and statistics as well as the handicapper, but then, you don’t really need the handicapper, do you?

These tips won’t turn you into a stud gambler overnight. It’s called “gambling” for a reason – there’s a risk involved. But if you’re savvy and bet intelligently, you can have a good time and make a small profit off of sports.

The Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist

Planning the perfect kid’s birthday party is intimidating, but do not feel you have to be a professional party planner to have a great kid’s birthday party.

With a little imagination and some helpful birthday party ideas from your child, you will create the best birthday bash in town. Casino party companies in San Antonio, TX may sound interesting, but your kid’s birthday party can be more fun with these simple and yet amazing party checklist.

This checklist helped me through years of birthday parties for my four children:

Choose the Day to Have the Birthday Party

Pick a day when most of your child’s friends will be available. This is important because your son or daughter will be very upset if the invited guests cannot make it to the party.

Set a Time for the Birthday

The time of the party depends upon the age of the child. If you are hosting toddlers, work around naptimes. You don’t want a room full of fussy preschool kids.

Choose the Number of Birthday Guests

Only invite the number of guests you feel you can handle because kid’s parties get out of control quickly if you are trying to supervise too many kids.

Decide on a Birthday Party Theme for Kids

Choose a kid’s birthday theme that your child is interested in, such as: a favorite book or TV character, sports, animals, butterflies, cowboys, etc. Ask your child for ideas also.

Send the Birthday Party Invitations

Make your own invitations if you have the time using the birthday theme you chose as a guide. Ready-made invitations are available for every kind of party at a party store. You can add your own personal birthday party invitation wording and be sure to send the invitations at least 6 weeks ahead of time.

Make or Buy Your Birthday Party Decorations

Make or purchase the decorations using the birthday party theme. Remember to get a tablecloth, napkins, plates, cups, streamers, a party banner, balloons and plastic ware. The decorations set the atmosphere of the kid’s party theme.

Decide on the Kid’s Birthday Cake

Decorating a birthday is simple with the ready made cake pans available in party stores. They come in every theme imaginable and have detailed instructions for decorating the cake. The results are very professional looking.

Kid’s Birthday Party Activities

Plan a few kid’s birthday party games, songs, crafts and a piñata to keep the children involved in the party, making sure everyone gets a turn. Participate in the activities with the kids. They love the attention of adults.

Prepare Birthday Party Favors

As the party draws to a close, give each child a party favor bag filled with items that follow the birthday party theme: stickers, bubbles, yo-yos, curly straws, miniature figures, beanbag toys and candies. Children look forward to receiving their own gift and it is a way to thank the kids for coming to your child’s birthday party.

Write Thank-You Notes with Your Kids

Within a few days after the birthday party, talk to your child about the wonderful time everyone had at the party. Remind your child of the presents received from each guest and talk about thanking the guests in a special way. Encourage your child to help write out the thank-you notes and personalize them with stickers or stamps.

Planning a kid’s birthday party is east if you follow the checklist and give yourself enough time for organizing the details of the party. Use your imagination and enjoy the party!

Creating Overlays Key to NFL Betting Success

No matter what happened last year, maybe you won a fortune, maybe you lost your shirt in the first week, finding “overlays” has been and will always be the key to making a profit over a sixteen game regular season schedule in the NFL. If you have ever been to a 사설토토사이트 you would know how this works. 

NFL betting, since the free agency era began in earnest, around the time the early 1990’s Dallas Cowboys fell on hard times, has become one of the most difficult wagering propositions in all of sports. Even though teams routinely change year in and year out, the rules regarding NFL wagering hasn’t.

Thoroughbred racing has always offered competitive odds. Baseball wagers can still be keyed around pitching. College football has about six or seven teams who routinely do well year in and year out. NASCAR is dominated by a few drivers and you rarely see less than 3 to 1 on any one driver.

The NFL? The NFL seems to change year in and year out but the “vig”, the 10% percent all of us pay in order to wager on games, has remained a staple for years.

Without finding overlays, the vig, some times referred to as the “juice”, will kill any hopes of profit over an entire season. That’s 10% percent off the top which means to make a profit; you really want to hit over 60% of your wagers.

That’s impossible to do unless you have some sort of system which accounts for wins and losses. Horse racing handicappers refer to this as knowing when to place a “saver” bet and when not to and finding the best overlay in the field. Systems in horse racing are not blind and instead are based on money management in which the handicapper takes a look at the amount of money he can afford to lose on any one given bet. How many “units” to play on any one race revolves around the understanding of what constitutes an “underlay” and what constitutes an “overlay”. Overlays and underlays determine not only how much to bet but which wagers to make.

How this translates to NFL wagering depends on your own philosophical belief system. Some true NFL handicappers believe that the only way to make money wagering on NFL games is to stick to a blind money management system – – “Never wager more than 5% of your bankroll. Never wager on parlays. Teasers will kill you every time.”

There is absolutely some validity to these statements. However, I purport that like all wagering, the real success to NFL wagering is a combination of money management and finding overlays. Overlays will always be the key to making money in any wagering proposition no matter what you are wagering on.

The key then is to define the definition of an overlay. In horse racing, it is quite easy. Overlays are horses that are going off at higher odds than you expected them to go off at. So, if you like horse #4 and the odds on him are 6 to 1 but you expected the horse to be going off at 3 to 1 then horse #4 is an overlay. He’s a good bet at 6 to 1. Not such a good bet at 3 to 1.

How does this work in the NFL with betting lines which force all teams to go off at “even” money? In NFL wagering you have to create overlays. This means using teasers and parlays to create higher pay-outs for any one given bet.

Betus.com has a terrific pay-out schedule that can help the astute NFL handicapper create overlays. For instance, let’s say that you have assigned $100 dollars to bet on four separate games the first week of the NFL season. Here are the four games you are targeting:

Game 1: Houston Texans (pk) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Game 2: Jacksonville Jaguars (-6.5) vs. Tennessee Titans

Game 3: Carolina Panthers (pk) vs. St. Louis Rams

Game 4: Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) vs. Green Bay Packers.

If you bet $100 on each game, and hit 3 out of 4, which is difficult to do, then you would get back $90 in profit on each one of the win bets and you would have lost a total of $100 on the loser. Your total profit, then, would be $270 – $100 = $170. You also get back your initial investment of $300 dollars on the winning bets.

Not a horrible weekend, but check out what happens when you create overlays:

Let’s say you use the same four teams, but instead of wagering $100 on each team, you decide to only wager $100 on one bet – – a four team parlay which you call a “home-run” wager and $200 on a four team teaser bet which you call a “saver” wager. See what happens.

If you hit your four team parlay, then you get back 11 to 1. That would be a profit margin of $1000 which equates to $1100 – $100 = $1000. That a much larger profit margin.

If you didn’t hit your parlay but instead hit your saver bet, a 6-point teaser bet with four teams, then your profit margin would be $600 (3 to 1) – $200 = $400. The profit margin is higher and you saved $100 by not wagering it at all!

Is it difficult to do? Absolutely it is! But by creating overlays you can save some of your bankroll and will win a higher amount of money on any single wager. By saving some of your bankroll each week and by making a hither profit margin on the wagers you do win, you can lower the amount of wagers that you have to hit in order to show a profit for the season.

Product Review: Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips by Las Vegas Poker Chips

Are you sick of those boring single color poker chips? Well the chips from Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips will liven up your game. Not only are the chips from Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips colorful, but they also include a few extras. These extras include two decks of cards for your poker games and five poker dice. The poker dice can be played to play various poker games when you are traveling or don’t have somewhere large enough to sit at a table for your poker game.

When I first received my set of Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips I was excited. It appeard that the set of chips were well constructed and the carrying case was sturdy. First appearances can be deceiving though. The chips are the typical lower quality resin chips that have metal inserts inside them to weigh them down. The different colors on each chip was nice, but I thought maybe this would truly be a set of premium chips and it was not.

Having a different color for different chips is not something that can draw you into a game like poker as it is much more than that and so I wasn’t entirely impressed with the color change as I am quite content with the game being quite normal, which is how poker online should be.

The colors of these chips are actually a negative in my opinion instead of a positive. There are unusual colors such as people and orange in the set. This means you won’t be able to supplement this Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips with poker chips from any other poker/ Texas Hold’em sets that you own. The other feature that I thought would be nice is the wooden tray in the carrying case that holds the Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips. This is more sturdy than the average plastic trays you find in these cases of chips.

I found two major issues with this tray though. One, it was slightly oversized so it made the case hard to close. Also after using it for some time I noticed that the locks started to wear from the strain placed on them with the oversized tray making it hard for the Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips and eventually the locks broke. On top of these significant issues, a minor one was that the set comes with uneven numbers of chips meaning that many rows in the holder in the case for the Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips had several colors in each row of chips.

Honestly, I expected more out of the Chips and Games Premium Set of 500 3-Tone Diamond Suited Poker Chips By Las Vegas Poker Chips considering it costs $50 and weighed 23 pounds which increased the shipping costs. I would recommend that you stay away from this set unless you like the novelty of the unique colors. Many poker purists would be turned off by the lack of uniform colors though.