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10 Things You Never Knew About Poker History

How would you like to spout some fun facts at your next poker night? Dazzle your playing companions with your stunning knowledge of the game and maybe even distract them a bit! Here are ten trivia facts about poker provided by Pkv Games:

The four kings on the deck of cards are supposed to represent David (king of Israel) on the king of Spades, Alexander the Great is the king of Clubs, Charlemagne of France is the king of Hearts, and the king of Diamonds represents Caesar Augustus.

40-50 million Americans are regular poker players. That means one in five of every U.S. citizens plays poker more than just occasionally!

Richard Nixon’s first congressional campaign was funded by his poker funds, $6,000 that he won in his first couple of months serving in the Navy, during World War II.

Way back in 1942, Columbus landed on American soil and his men made playing cards out of leaves. They marked them with the various suits and started playing cards!

The phrase “pass the buck” originated with poker. A marker called the “buck” was placed in front of the player who was to deal the next round. The buck was passed to the next person each round, hence the now-famous phrase!

Groucho Marx received his nickname for carrying his poker chips in a “grouch” bag, which was a bag that hung around the user’s neck and served to carry his belongings.

The sandwich was invented due to poker. The Earl of Sandwich, John Montague, was playing poker when he got hungry and asked his housekeeper to bring him a piece of meat between two pieces of bread so he wouldn’t have to stop playing in order to eat.

The suits in a deck of cards represent levels of society. The system was developed by the French and goes as follows: Spades are nobility, Diamonds are merchants, Clubs are peasants, and Hearts are clergy. Some people believe they also represent the four seasons: Spades are winter, Clubs are spring, Hearts are summer, and Diamonds are fall.

As far as we know, playing cards were invented in 1120 AD by the Chinese and later spread all over the world.

The dead man’s hand got its name when Wild Bill Hickock was shot from behind during a poker game. His hand contained two pairs, a pair of aces and a pair of eights.

Now you are ready to stun your friends with your amazing knowledge of poker trivia! Have fun.